EnlightenMat Yoga Mat

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Price: USD $95.00

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Unroll EnlightenMat and know you’re on the path to enlightenment, as EnlightenMat is here to support your path. Lay on this mat, and know it has your back. Step foot on this mat, and trust you’re on the right path. Your intention and the intention of this mat are aligned... you’re in it together! This mat is a sacred place for you to release your energy and harness your energy. This mat comes with good intentions; EnlightenMat will show you the way, as the name itself, etched into the mat, is inspired and deliberate.

Are you ready to step up and see the light? Put your best foot forward, as class doesn’t begin when you set your intention and focus on your breath... rather, class begins when unroll your mat. Be a true yogi, and set your intentions right with EnlightenMat. EnlightenMat comes with a ceremonial prayer card.


EnlightenMat is not just a mat, it’s part of your spiritual journey. You must:

  1. Acknowledge your mat’s presence as an ally,
  2. Thank your mat for being there for you,
  3. Connect with your mat,
  4. Invite your mat on your spiritual path, and
  5. Recognize enlightenment happens with a strong foundation. This is your foundation.

If you’ve read this far, you’re ready... You’re ALIGNED. Now it’s time to take ACTION, and use this mat with conviction. The rest will unroll before your eyes. The Universe is filled with unlimited possibilities and miracles... and it all begins here. Ready?

Alignment + Action = Attraction

Vegan Certified by Bevveg International, the only law firm-issued vegan symbol.