Hey! I’m Carissa

Carissa is a ballerina-turned lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO, TV host, philanthropist, animal lover, author, multi-faceted woman who, despite many costume changes, manages to continuously strive to live her life en pointe.

  • CEO – Girl Boss

    Carissa is the founding attorney and CEO of BeVeg International, the leading vegan certification firm that focuses on vegan labeling for products and services. BeVeg is the world’s first ISO accredited vegan standard.

    BeVeg Logo

    Like kosher, gluten-free, and organic, the BeVeg global trademark is the good housekeeping seal of approval for vegan products and services. The BeVeg vegan symbol is internationally accepted on all continents, except Antarctica. BeVeg has been mentioned in media outlets like FORBES, CBS, NBC, Social Life Magazine, LiveKindly, VegNews, Veg World Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, and more. BeVeg is also used and endorsed by celebrities and big brands across all retail chains and industry sectors.

  • National TV Legal Expert

    Carissa is a CEO of a global company and an awarded-Super Lawyer, with regular legal expert appearances for major media networks like Fox, CNN/HLN, NBC, CBS, and shows like Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and The Doctors.

    Carissa worked in Washington D.C. as a Capitol Hill correspondent, and more recently as an anchor in New York City covering America’s biggest court trials live for Law and Crime Network, with ABC’s Chief Legal, Dan Abrams. Carissa also co-hosted a vegan cooking show New Day New Chef with award-winning TV host, Jane Velez-Mitchell, now available on Amazon Prime and public television stations throughout the country. Presently, Carissa is an anchor for a weekly show on Jane Unchained News Network called…

    Laws that Matter

  • Super Lawyer

    Carissa founded the award-winning law firm, the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, an American law firm with offices in Florida, New York, Washington D.C, Georgia, and California. The firm fights for the rights of all beings, manages BeVeg International, and has recovered millions of dollars in fees on behalf of injured clients.

    Before founding the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, Carissa was a Florida Prosecutor, Greenberg Traurig litigation associate, and a law clerk for the California Supreme Court. As a prosecutor Carissa was lead counsel for probably close to 100 jury trials.

    Carissa earned her law degree from U.C. Berkeley, where she was awarded Best Oral Advocate and served as an Editor Law Review. Simultaneously, Carissa earned a Masters in Journalism from Medill at Northwestern University, as the Bloomberg Scholar.

  • Philanthropist

    During the COVID pandemic, Carissa filed a legal Petition for Rule-making to shut down and permanently ban all live “wet markets”, local slaughterhouses. The firm advocated for a global ban of wet markets echoing Congress’s sentiments to the World Health Organization. The law firm did this pro bono for the animals and as pandemic prevention hygiene for humans. The firm was recognized by CBS News, NewsMax and other national media outlets.


    When Carissa learned her ballet teacher was warehoused in a 1.5 star nursing facility wardroom with 5 beds, no family, and no advocate with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, the ballet dancer-turned legal eagle leapt to the rescue — and moved her into her spare bedroom at HOME, where she’s lived for the past 8 years.

  • Ballerina

    Carissa is a classically trained ballet dancer. While her first ballet teacher was her mother, she received most of her training at the Palm Beach Ballet Center. Carissa was accepted into intensive dance programs at such prestigious companies like the American Ballet Theatre, and Joffrey Ballet.

    “If you can’t live your life in motion, and find balance,
    what’s the pointe!?”

    While Carissa chose the path of education, she danced professionally throughout college with Dance Alive while attending the University of Florida, throughout law school with the Oakland Ballet while attending U.C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall), and throughout journalism school with the Joffrey Ballet while attending Northwestern University (Medill). Carissa still dances ballet and goes to regular ballet class.

  • Yogi

    Carissa practices yoga and meditation. Though Carissa loves hot yoga most, you might catch her doing hot yoga on the beach in a warm climate.

    Carissa is founder & CEO of ENLIGHTENMAT, a well-intentioned sustainable yoga mat company.

    ENLIGHTENMAT will carry you through your practice as you strive to live a life of enlightened ideals in accordance with karmic law in and out of the studio. Like the practice of law — yoga and meditation take practice.

  • Author

    Carissa is a passionate vegan from birth and penned the first ever vegan law book to be published in the United States, Vegan Law: Know Your Rights. Carissa also drafted a spiritual law book giving you the tools to teach you how to live the life you most want to love.

    Carissa Kranz Book; Laws That Matter

    Coming Soon!

  • Spiritual Lawyer

    While Carissa is an award-winning multi-state attorney, running a global company, she is most inspired when practicing Universal Laws.

    “These are the laws I’m governed by.
    These are the laws I live by.
    These are the Laws that Matter!”


    While Carissa is a licensed legal practitioner in New York, Florida, and Washington D.C., Carissa took the ultimate oath of attorney when she vowed to honor the “wonderful, mystical, laws of the Universe and life itself.”

    – Nam-myo-ho-rengue-kyo

Universal Laws

Live a divinely inspired life by practicing Spiritual Laws.
Transformation happens when we embrace
the Laws of the Universe.

Universal teachings finally placed within the framework of law.

Laws that Matter

  • CAREGIVER TO CEO of a global company featured in FORBES.

    I am undeniable proof that Karmic Law is real. Pay it forward and the Universe will pay it back. When I moved my Alzheimer’s Ballet teacher to my house, everyone said: “You are throwing your life away!”


    I couldn’t leave my ballet teacher warehoused in a medicaid bed at a subpar skilled nursing facility in a ward room with 5 roommates, with no living family, and no advocate. My corporate law job didn’t give me purpose. Fixing her life did. I honored my inner calling. While her studio was stolen from her, her home foreclosed, her animals confiscated, and though she didn’t have a dollar to her name, I just believed she had lots of good karma in the bank and that somehow we would be okay.


    She gave more than a half-century of business and artistic excellence to the community, in a time when women didn’t run businesses. I couldn’t passively bear witness to this amazing Girl Boss losing all capacity.

    I had to do something!

    I quit my cush six-figure corporate law job to become a caregiver at 29 years old. With little savings, a mortgage, student loans, no health insurance, and no plan, I took a leap of faith, hung my own shingle, all to work from home and manage her care.

  • Karmic Law

    After about a year of changing diapers, showering, feeding, and crushing pills, The Palm Beach Post featured my caregiving journey. My life changed.

    TV personality Nancy Grace read the article, and invited me — the girl from Florida — to CNN headquarters to be a legal eagle on her show!

    This gesture turned into a regular spot, which evolved into appearances on Fox News, CBS, NBC, CNN/HLN, Dr. Drew, The Doctors and eventually landed me a spot as a hired TV anchor for Law & Crime with Dan Abrams in New York.

  • Karmic Law

    Now, that once solo struggling practitioner is managing a multi-state law firm and global empire. I’m grateful!

    Wow! I didn’t know the plan, but I knew there was a plan. My job was to live in service of that higher calling.

    KARMIC LAW. My teacher gave me free ballet class my entire life. She believed in my dance potential.

    I let her down by choosing law school over AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE. She paid it forward. I’m paying it back. I wanted to perform for her in ways she never dreamed. I danced circles around the legal system to bring dignity and services to her life.

  • SPIRITUAL CONTRACT. I made a promise when I moved her to my house. I told her I’d never let her go back to a nursing home if I could make ends meet.

    For the Record

    Even though Miss Joan doesn’t remember the conversation, my name, or where she is, I will not go back on my word. She has peace. I have peace knowing I honored my promise and followed her teachings.

    GRACE. Not just for the prima ballerina. An approach to life where compassion and integrity in thought action are extended to all life.

  • NOW.


    As the role of teacher – student seemingly reversed, she still gracefully taught so much!

    Even though she ‘lost her mind,’ she taught mindfulness.

    As a child, she taught me that when dancing, time stops. As an adult, she taught me to mind only the present, as Alzheimer’s patients do not live in time, they live in moments.

    She lives in the NOW.

  • NOW.


    I’m living my dream life running a seven figure global company I love, and Miss Joan is still living with me and two other rescues. Sugar, a blind cat and Pumpkin, a rescue dog.

    Because I honored karmic law and did what was right, the Universe blessed me with a successful business, and her with dignity. Miss Joan has lived with me since 2014.

    For that, on behalf of both of us:
    I am tremendously grateful!

  • Spiritual Lawyer




    Love, Carissa!


Unleash the Spiritual Lawyer in you.

There’s never a perfect time
to start living
the life you want to live.


  • Ready to live in service of your purpose?
    Prepared to revel in abundance and miracles?

    I am going to teach you how to stop reacting.

    It’s time to allow passion to drive your purpose.

    What are the Laws that Matter really?

    My goal isn’t to prove anything, but to show you how to see the EVIDENCE for yourself.


    All spiritual law teachers have acknowledged this, but none before have approached Universal Laws within the paradigm of law.  We all have the right to access and practice Spiritual Laws. You do not need a license to practice, or a religion to access these laws.

    Your existence is your birthright. Spiritual Laws are governed by Universal Laws, and are universally applicable.

Black Letter Law

Live a divinely inspired life by practicing Spiritual Laws.
Transfomation happens when we embrace
the Laws of the Universe.

Universal teachings finally placed within the framework of law.

Laws that Matter

  • LIVING LIFE ON Pointe!

    My job is to make lawyering fun. You too, can witness the miracles of law at play. As a Spiritual Lawyer and an acting officer of the Supreme’s Court, your job is to become a miracle for others to witness, as you witness justice delivered in the form of your own miracles.

    When you live your life in alignment with cosmic Law & Order, you discover the Universe is your friend and on your side.

    These are the laws to live by.
    These are The Laws that Matter

  • NOTICE OF Appearance!

    SUBPOENA SERVED. It is time to appear for your calling. Take the Ultimate Oath of Attorney to live a conscious existence with your co-conspirator in co-creation.

    For the record, you are always on the record. When you act as an Officer of the Supreme’s Court, God is in your Court.

    The Universe is always responding…

  • DISCOVERY Process

    IF you read this far –THANK YOU!!!
    I hope this is the beginning of our discovery process together.


    Love, Carissa!

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