Discover your Dream Life

Discover your Dream Life

L-School program 8 week course

where different Universal Laws are taught by National TV, Legal Expert, Carissa Kranz, Esq

L-School teaches you how to become a Spiritual lawyer & practice the Laws That Matter

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Law-Based Universe

Laws that Matter

The practice of law is practice.

Anyone can be a Spiritual Lawyer
Your existence is your birthright.

#J.D. #Just Do #YouYou don't have to be perfect. You just have to practice doing it perfectly.

Anyone can go to Law School. Learn how to effectively practice

Anyone can be a Spiritual Lawyer. Your existence is your birthright. If you're an acting officer of the Supreme's Court, God is in your court.

Summon your desires!
Subpoena your soulmate!
Conspire with the Universe!
Motion to Compel a Miracle!
Motion to Dismiss anxiety!
Discover your purpose!

Signs and synchronicity are evidence of the universe.
Pre-meditate your drems into reality.

Witness justice delivered in the form of miracles!

Learn the to practice the Laws that Matter - Universal Law -

Spirituality is when you allow spirit to merge into your reality. Practice the laws that matter, and experience miraculous Universal laws at play.

Learn to live your best life by practicing laws that go way beyond the law of attraction.

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Use Spiritual Laws
to win life’s Trials

Be the Boss of your Life

Learn the...
Laws That Matter

by Attorney C.E.O
Carissa Kranz Esq